Playing Devils Advocate: Akshay Gets Unfair Hate On The Sub

2022.01.25 10:40 jainvadapav Playing Devils Advocate: Akshay Gets Unfair Hate On The Sub

We are all bashing Khiladi Kumar for doing all movies he sees, but let's play Devils advocate. As a 90's Kid, you always have a soft spot for Khildai for amazing movies like Hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pheri, Bhool Bhulaiya.
Let me play devils advocate and call that hate unjustified and present my case:
Till 2004-2006 Akshay Kumar, was not an A Lister. This was after being in the industry for 13 years. Then it was the 2006 2007 series of hits that established him as an A Lister.
As not a Star, he fought with Yash Chopra, THE YASH CHOPRA over non payment of dues. And then did not work with YRF till Tashan. Then he was delivering back to back hits. He won his first award in 2002, 10-11 years after joining films.
His speech at the ITA is legendary for calling out the award shows.
We can see how strong the tide was against SSR, against KA today and how blinds are being painted to see new non nepo actresses as being whores.
He fought, survived and created a fan following while going against the Johars of the Industry when they were much more powerful. It may have been easier as his wife was part of the inner coterie
Let's look at the main reasons he gets hate on the sub:

  1. He's an alleged womaniser: That is nearly every man in the industry. And the other guys here are being hypocrites if they say they would not admire the female attention he gets. Most guys alleging this are just jealous. Maybe he's having affairs, as long as it is consensual, does it really need to matter to us?
  2. He does Nationalistic Cinema: Sehwag bats one way, Sachin another and Rohit another. McDonalds makes burgers and not tacos, Pulmonologists treat respiratory diseases while Neurologists treat neural diseases. People have a niche. Playing nationalistic roles is his forte. Why does he get hate for it? SRK played the romantic hero for the longest time. No one goes after him. AK has done more genres than any other actor in Bollywood today. He knows his strengths and plays to it.
  3. He's A Greedy Canadian: They all are. He likes his money. Who here does not have a friend or family member who has not moved abroad for better opportunities? Go the Canada Embassy and look at the backlog for the PR applications.
  4. He does too many movies: It is a reflection of work ethic. He delivers the 4 average grossers and is bankable. He is utilising it.
In closing:
Kumar is a decent actor and better businessman. I think he is disillusioned by the entire industry after being in it for near 3 decades and not having enough success in the first 15 years of the journey.
He never got awards till Ajnabee, big producers refused to pay him. His speech at ITA says it all.
His producers find him professional who shows up on time, does his work and leaves. He is bankable and does a decent screen portrayal.
It's not like his contemporaries like SRK, Aamir, Salman, Devgan are all doing breathtaking cinema anyways.
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2022.01.25 10:40 Frigid_Axel If ARod decides to stay I have a few reservations.

  1. Stop the fucking publicity. No commercials, no Pat macafee show, no nothing. I know he is all about the R.E.L.A.X mindsetset but seriously. You get paid to win. C'MON MAN!
  2. FUCKING PRACTICE WITH YOUR TEAM YOU FUCK! Show the fuck up man. Put in reps with more than just 5 people. Injuries happen it is inevitable. Co-vid BS aside. 2 weeks is a fraction of time compared to the entirety of the season. How many fucking practices did rodgers not fucking attend this season? Like 36? Fuck is that about?
  3. Lastly man. The community, the fandom, the team itself, everyone who bleeds green and yellow, myself included. Loves you to death for what youve done for all of us. Just make up your mind one way or the other. This season felt like you had one foot in one foot out. And it showed.
I personally hope you come back to and finish your career and Lambeau Rodgers. And if you wind up seeing this somehow you need to know it comes from a place of love and respect but most importantly to put the 49s in their mother fucking place for the rest of your career. They fuckin burnt you in your draft and you cant fucking let that stand.
Stop relaxing and get fucking heated !!!
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2022.01.25 10:40 NewsElfForEnterprise Watch CNBC's full interview with Johnson & Johnson CFO Joseph Wolk

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2022.01.25 10:40 ConiLeshh Bir organizasyon olması lazim a habercileri bulup dövmek gibi

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#मुसलमान_नहीं_समझे_ज्ञान_क़ुरान पवित्र पुस्तकतौरेत, जबूर, इंजील व कुरान शरीफ किस खुदा की ओर संकेत कर रहे हैं? पवित्र पुस्तक submitted by SoftAttention5455 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

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2022.01.25 10:40 ExactFloor4555 Start mining crypto today - The best offer for Crypto mining equipment

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2022.01.25 10:40 dhakkansala4 [Available] Macroeconomics (7th Edition) - Hubbard/O’Brien - eBook

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2022.01.25 10:40 theonewithcats Eu consigo me mudar para a Europa com cidadania mas sem o passaporte?

O título meio que resume tudo. Consegui tirar minha cidadania italiana após anos na fila, mas devido à pandemia está impossível tirar o passaporte italiano.
Viajar pra Europa no passaporte brasileiro e tentar me estabelecer lá é uma possibilidade ou fico restrita aos 90 dias do visto e sem chance de trabalhar legalmente? Quero ir embora do Brasil :(
Se alguém tem uma história de que largou tudo pra começar do zero em outro país eu adoraria ouvir, estou numa fase bem sem esperança e acho que apenas uma mudança radical conseguiria me levantar de novo.
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2022.01.25 10:40 scarecr0w1886 About all the turtle care/neglect posts

I hate seeing them too, they are damn depressing. However, I do think having somewhere to ask questions and do better is good. Maybe though there could be a separate sub for turtle help? Idk
Also, I agree wholeheartedly in this day and age there is 0 excuse to abuse and neglect a pet and ignorance is no excuse. However, a good number of those posts are from children who have limited options or people who have taken in a neglected pet knowing they need to help it but not knowing how. If they have been given the pet by a family member and come here asking for advice then i believe they deserve more patience and compassion, assuming they take the advice, if they argue they are assholes lol
And remember not everyone is in the US OR Europe. They may not have access to a vet, or a decent vet, like the one kid whose vet said to do every other day water changes! How would he know to disregard that advice? My vet also told me to be very careful with advice online because so much of it is outdated or inaccurate so someone could have done research and just made mistakes as well.
Overall i think its a complex issue and not all posts should be treated the same. Context is important.
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2022.01.25 10:40 lecutusofborg So playing satisfactory today I built a pc factory and couldn't resist in the slightest.

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2022.01.25 10:40 yong13 Help. Thanks

Help. Thanks
What should I get on UPS if I buy this setup?
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2022.01.25 10:40 LegendaryYemeni001 Quit oxy. Currently woofing down a bowl of dog chow. 1-2 bags erday. Fuck man what am I doing and why

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2022.01.25 10:40 KatTheeBisexual I had my first (pro bono) therapy session!

I have what I think is probably undiagnosed depression. Whatever it really is, i'm often so depressed and self-hating and fatigued that I struggle to function on a day to day basis. I feel very trapped in my situation, because of my poor mental health, my queer identity, my unaccepting family (that I live with), my abusive family members, my borderline agoraphobia, my childhood trauma, my religious trauma, and my inability to hold a job or see a future. My life certainly isn't all bad but all the aforementioned things felt like a huge storm cloud blocking everything else out. I've tried to seek help many times before but have only been gaslighted, invalidated, or told I should tolerate suffering and that i'm supposed to suffer, it's just a part of life (which yes it is, but I didn't need to hear that from someone supposed to help me when I was traumatised and in pain and suicidal).
I've somehow managed to drag myself to this point, just getting by day to day, surviving in whatever way I could, having kind of given up on finding help because I couldn't afford it and no options made sense and I was tired of having hope only to be shot down. Then a friend of mine recommended pro-bono therapy with an organization that offers therapy at first for free, and then at a very subsidized cost. I looked into it, and to my surprise found out it was actually affordable (no online therapy has EVER been affordable). I signed up for it, thinking it would be months at least before I got to see someone as the wesbite had mentioned a waitlist. In about 2 weeks, I got an email back saying i'd been assigned someone, and about an hour ago, I finished my first session with them.
I don't want to call it too early, but it went pretty well, and I feel like i'm very much on the same page as my therapist. We couldn't get into much detail, but I feel good about the fact that I was able to open up about my life and history, and that I was actually validated and understood. It felt amazing to have my experiences actually seen and acknowledged by someone, instead of just brushed aside or gaslighted. It also unlocked a lot of feelings in me, kind of like a 'vulnerability hangover' and while I feel more hopeful and alive, I also feel angry and hurt when I think about the things I've experienced and articulated to her. Like a lot of numb or suppressed feelings were kind of 'shifted around' inside of me. I've read that it's common to feel this way after your first session or when first starting therapy.
So I thought i'd make this post, to document my first ever session, but also to validate the effort i'm taking to get better even when it's hard and painful to talk about my experiences. I deserve to invest into myself, not just as a means of survival, but as a means of eventually thriving, and I want to validate how hard it was to look, to hope, to be open after being disappointed and hurt and gaslighted, and to know i'm going to show up next week even if i'm scared.
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2022.01.25 10:40 SophiaDreams Getting experimental 🦚 🌈

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2022.01.25 10:40 technoace Good old times...

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2022.01.25 10:40 ArjunaIndera Problem with rendering

I have an old Asus laptop with i3 and Nvidia GeForce 610m and it runs blender fine. My brother lent me his laptop, which has core i5 and integrated graphics Intel HD 5500. As far as I'm aware, both these laptop doesn't use the GPU because they're not supported, but for whatever reason, the i5 takes longer to render than i3. I prefer the i5 because it's generally faster and can handle higher poly count but the rendering time makes no sense. I realized that the long time is during preparation rather than the actual sampling. How is a laptop with better processor and ram, renders slower than i3 with low ram?
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2022.01.25 10:40 SupremoZanne Hugo's House Of Horrors was a PC game classic of the early 90s!

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2022.01.25 10:40 CosminAssassin Good but very unpopular.

I want to try a good anime that I hopefully have never heard of before.
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2022.01.25 10:40 Successful-Bowl9572 I want to start dating now

I’m (22/f) so so so ready to date. Like, my last relationship was long term it was 3 years and I started dating him at 18 but now I’m kinda like, it seems really hard as an adult to get onto the band wagon.
Idk how to date people because I don’t like tinder in my small city. Any tips as a plus size woman to get back on the dating scene?Without counting on tinder and stuff?
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2022.01.25 10:40 kargulim kardeşim yeni bir araba alıyor

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2022.01.25 10:40 DarkVoice_ Kindred Spirits Bond

for whatever reason, I can only use the kindred spirits on myself to profit form "lone-spirit", as soon as I bond with someone else in my group the bond disappears after 3-4 seconds. I disabled all my addons to check whether it's an addon or a messed up weakaura, but the result was the same bond with a party-member ==> 3-4 sec buff disappears. Did anyone else run into this issue?
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2022.01.25 10:40 Turukhan Traditional clothes of Turkey

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